Looking for a new way to help grow your business and generate more traffic, but know what your next step should be? Here at Boulder SEO we are now presenting exclusive pay per click strategies. This online strategy is a proactive way to boost traffic and business to your website. We strive to incorporate a variety of action plans in order to create a PPC plan to best suite your needs as a business.

We will add custom ad copy to your site(s) to aid in retargeting and remarketing new and old users. Retargeting those individuals who have formally visited your website, but weren’t genuinely interested in sticking around is important. We are able to remind them frequently, with PPC, that your site is noteworthy and that they should come back to you time and time again.ppc

Remarketing is a good way for us to gather new users interested in comparable services or products correlating with your website. An individual who is very interested in makeup that typically shops at Ulta or MAC Cosmetics may not know the “Makeup Store on the Corner” also sells makeup at better quality and better prices. We want those individuals to find you just as easily.

Along with remarketing and retargeting users, we also add strong keywords in our PPC campaigns to obtain more users to check your business out. We additionally utilize analytics data and A/B split testing to ensure the ads we created are working to your advantage and increasing your sites traffic and business. We strive for our PPC campaigns to generate positive results for your business and we are here to assist you with just that. Contact us today to see how a PPC campaign could benefit you!